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Introducing our Managed Service

Clubmate has been designed to be simple & easy to use – if you can use social media, you’ll find Clubmate a breeze. We also provide a detailed help centre which is packed full of how to guides, video tutorials & FAQ’s enabling you to answer your own questions 24 hours a day.

But we also want to welcome those clubs that recognise the need to modernise but may not have the skills, confidence, time and in some cases, access to the internet to manage the platform themselves.

We are therefore delighted to introduce our Managed Service!

Our managed service removes the need for your club to have any tech involvement at all as our team will manage everything for you.

How does it work? 😀

The Clubmate team will get your club set up according to your own specific requirements. This includes uploading all of your existing members details in to the database, configuring all of your membership plans, booking requirements & working with your webmaster/developer to link Clubmate directly to your website.

We will also help maintain your membership plans and adjust them as and when you ask us to.

Financial & membership reports will be sent in PDF format via email and for an additional cost, we can send a hard copy in the post too (£2.50 per postal report).

We can even send club newsletters via email for you – you’ll need to supply us with the content though.

What do you get: ✅

  • Full club set up
  • Configuration of your clubs membership plans, tickets, bookings, products & payments.
  • Unlimited, ongoing updates to your membership plans & bookings
  • Delivery of monthly, quarterly or bi-annual email newsletters to members (clubs will need to supply the content)
  • Weekly, monthly & annual email of financial & membership reports (PDF format). *these can also be sent via post on request (additional costs may apply).

How is it different to the standard service? 🤔

With our standard service, clubs are provided with getting started training and ongoing support however it is your their responsibility to configure the membership plans, booking requirements, products and linking Clubmate to your website.

With our managed service, we will do most of this for you. The only thing we can’t do is physically link Clubmate to your website – we will provide hands on assistance though.

Who is it for? 🎣

Clubs that recognise the benefits of modernising but may have:

  • Limited confidence in using technology
  • No access to the internet
  • Changes in the committee
  • Limited time to manage memberships

Why have we introduced a managed service? 

In order to halt the decline in participation, we firmly believe that fishing clubs need to adapt to modern technology. If a club is going to be effective in encouraging the next generation of anglers to get involved in the sport they love then they need to be able to make it easy to join, renew, communicate and engage.

At Clubmate, we want to help all clubs be more inclusive and therefore wanted to find a way to help clubs who may not have the expertise or confidence in introducing new modern technology at all. And so the Managed Service was born!

How do we sign up? 👍

Click the button below, enter your details and one of the team will be in touch to discuss further 👇

FAQ’s ❓

Can our club send paper registration forms to Clubmate in the post?
Not right now but it is a service we are currently exploring. If this is important to you, let us know and we will look to find a solution for you.

Can we upgrade/downgrade between the Standard and Managed service during the year?
Yes you can upgrade whenever you like. You just pay the difference between the standard and managed plans. You can also downgrade however there is no refund should you switch midway through the year. You will just switch to paying the lower fee the following year. 

Can we still access the admin section of Clubmate if we choose the Managed Service?
Yes. We will still provide full admin access to Clubmate to approved users.

How much does it cost?
For the latest pricing, please visit the pricing page on our website or give us a call 0333 987 4677

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