Earn rewards for being part of something bigger

Let's work together to increase participation in the sport we all love. 

For every fishing club or fishery that you refer and goes on to sign up with Clubmate, you’ll both earn rewards. Choose between a FREE VENUE MAP or 10% off. 

Make 10 successful referrals and get Clubmate for free!


To ensure we all benefit, we have a couple of simple house rules.


As a Clubmate advocate, you work with Clubmate software every day. We’re offering rewards for advocates who share their experience with other fishing clubs, associations and fisheries.

Clubmate helps fishing clubs & fisheries manage their day-to-day more efficiently, grow their revenue and increase participation in the sport we all love.

Spread the word by referring fishing clubs and fisheries to us, and we’ll do the rest.

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How it works

Refer a club/fishery

Fill out the easy-to-use referral form below 

*you don't need to be on the committee to make a referral

Earn rewards

We're offering a choice of rewards. 

Either receive a free Venue Map for one of your waters or 10% against your Clubmate software costs (for the next 12 months). 

The reward is valid for every club or fishery you successfully refer. 

  1. If the referred club/fishery has already been in discussions with a member of the Clubmate team within the past six months, you will not be eligible for the reward. We will only honour the reward if we have not spoken with them before or it's been more than six months since we were last in contact with them. 
  2. The referred club/fishery must sign up to our services within six months of the referral in order for you both to receive the reward.

Questions? We have answers

I am not a member of my clubs committee, will my club still benefit if I refer someone?

Absolutely. Refer away and we'll make sure both your existing club and the referred club benefits from the reward.

What if I am not a Clubmate customer yet? Can I still get the reward?

You will need to be referred to benefit from the reward. But feel free to reach out to any of our existing customers, we're sure they'll be happy to refer you.

How long does the reward last for?

The reward will be applied against your software costs for 12 months from the date the referred organisation signs up. For clubs paying annually, the discount will be applied against your next renewal fee.

Can I refer more than one club or fishery?

Yes you can, the more the merrier. For every successful referral you make, you'll get 10% off or a free venue map. So if you make ten successful referrals, you'll get Clubmate for free (or ten maps!)!

Still have questions?

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Ready to earn rewards?

I love using Clubmate, how do I get our organisation  listed on the Our Customers page on your website?

We're glad you love it, we love working with you too! It would be our honour to get your story listed on our website. Just click on this link and complete a short survey, we'll do the rest.

Does the reward apply to ID cards, websites and payment fees too?

Unfortunately not, the reward only applies to Clubmate software costs. It does not apply to any other services we provide such as ID cards, websites or payment transaction fees. 

Complete the form below and you're almost there...

How do I encourage our members to make a referral? 

Copy & share this link:

To maximise the opportunity for referrals, we invite you to encourage your members to make referrals too.  In our experience anglers often belong to multiple clubs & fish at multiple fisheries and could be your answer to reducing your costs.

Please feel free to share the link below via your website, emails and social media channels.