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How to overcome automation resistance at your fishing club

Automation is part of our everyday lives, from self-service checkouts in the supermarket to satellite navigation whilst we drive. When 42% of leaders agree that workflow automation speeds up the completion of repetitive tasks, it’s no surprise that some angling clubs are beginning to recognise its importance. On paper, implementing automation at your angling club[…]

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fishing club spreadsheets

Is your Fishing Club run on a system that was never designed to run a Fishing Club? If you’re a typical Fishing club, you’re probably using an Excel spreadsheet to manage your members, to store their personal details, record whether they’ve paid or not and to keep an overview of all things membership. It seems[…]

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How do you continue your fishing club committee meetings when we’re all in lockdown? The answer is online, using video conferencing tools. Why? Because we wont be locked down for ever and with Fishing being touted as one of the first sports to be made available (fingers crossed), you’ll need to make sure you have[…]

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