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Bristol Water Fisheries

5000+ anglers

“All of our rangers have work phones and they have the Clubmate app already downloaded on there, that allows any ranger that’s going out and doing their bank checks and patrols to see who’s booked in and where they’re meant to be fishing.”


Chard Angling Club

150+ members

“The Bailiff App allows us to take card payments on the bank, so we can grow the club on the go and stay on top of the few anglers who try to use the venue without paying. “


Caerphilly & District AA

500+ members

“Clubmate helped us grow our membership by over 60%, which was a much-needed boost during what had been a difficult year for everyone.”

Burton Mutual AA

Burton Mutual AA

2000+ members

“If you’re thinking of getting started with Clubmate, just do it. It’s been of the single best decisions we’ve made in our 130 years of running.  It covers all of our needs, including bailiffing, night permits, fly tickets and proof of membership. You won’t regret it!”


Northwich Angling Association

1500+ members

“I would highly recommend Clubmate to any angling club – getting started with them has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. The system is fantastic, our members love it, all your admin is kept in one place.”

wdac logo

Warminster & District AC

1000+ members

“We’re now able to monitor our club’s operations from anywhere, without flipping through paperwork and scanning through lengthy spreadsheets. In my opinion, every British angling club needs to use Clubmate.”

Reading & District Angling Association

Reading & District AA

1500+ members

Our committee have peace of mind knowing our club is in good hands, which was important to us because moving everything online was a big change from how we’ve been running things.

PSAC logo

Port Sunlight Angling Club

500+ members

“Having members do their own renewals online, confirm the accuracy of their own personal details & upload a photo and not having to worry about sending out membership cards was a relief.”

Coldingham Loch Fly Fishers

Coldingham Loch Fly Fishers

100+ members

“Clubmate is straightforward to use and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, so everyone on our team can see how the fishery is doing and monitor membership and bookings.”

East Grinstead Angling Society Logo

East Grinstead AS

180+ members

“Clubmate’s online payment system has exceeded our expectations. Almost 90% of our members have already chosen to pay online going forward!”

Grafham Water FFA

170+ members

“Our membership has grown significantly since going live with Clubmate. Anglers can get signed up and head down to the bank to fish in the same afternoon.”


Slaugham Angling Club

350+ members

Clubmate has saved me personally hundreds of hours and I’m now enjoying running the club rather than feeling like it’s a chore. “


Royal Forest of Dean AC

250+ members

“We’re saving a great deal of money as a result of investing in Clubmate; the committee get an awful lot of time back in exchange for very few extra pounds per year”


Ingleton Angling Association

50+ members

“We love the ability to communicate directly with new members through emails or texts. Before, they had to put their name on a chitty in the newsagents! “

SWS Fisheries Logo

SWS Fisheries

300+ members

“Thanks to Clubmate for making my life easier. This really is a great business and we are grateful to be working with you. “

MTAA transparent logo

Merthyr Tydfil Angling Alliance

1100+ members

“Our membership has increased from approx 800 to over 1100 this year. That equates to around a 21% increase in income. There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has had an impact, but this wouldn’t have been possible without Clubmate.”


Horsham & District AA

400+ members

“Clubmate has helped us save money and it’s saved us hours of time on our admin. It’s great to work with a company that actually understands the angling community and it’s clear the system has been designed with anglers in mind.”


Newton Abbot FA

600+ members

“Clubmate overall has saved huge amounts of volunteer time and effort while maintaining the standard of customer experience we pride ourselves on giving. If you’re thinking about signing up to Clubmate, do it.”


Rowley & Fenemere AA

100+ members

“Clubmate has made my life a lot easier and our members are loving it. I’d recommend Clubmate to any fishing club that is fed up with paperwork or looking for a much more efficient way of doing things.”

EDAA & Clubmate

Exeter & District AA

800+ members

“Using Clubmate might seem like a big change for those that aren’t tech-savvy but when you look at all the benefits, it’s a no-brainer. Our admin work is reduced by 90% as Clubmate does it all for us.”


Swallowfield FC

150+ members

“Membership increased by 30% within the first few months plus, we can communicate any developments from the committee meetings straight to the members without having to leave the pub we meet at!”

EMAA logo (1)

East Mayo Anglers

400+ members

“I can find out how many members have paid at the touch of a button. It’s so much more efficient than rifling through paperwork every time I want to see who has paid and who hasn’t!”


Orpington & District AA

500+ members

“We have seen a staggering twenty percent lift in membership sales already. This increase has occurred after just a year of using Clubmate so we can’t wait to discover what future benefits it will bring.”

FAS - sticky

Fylde Angling Society

150+ members

“Members do most of my work for me now. Which means less trips to the bank and more free time for angling. Would I recommend Clubmate to other Fishing Clubs? Yes. It saves time – simple!”

Newport Reservoirs FFA

300+ members

“Clubmate has been a revelation for the NRFFA. The majority of our members have embraced the change and now happily buy permits online, so there’s very little admin for us to do now. “

Holymoorside AC logo - transparent

Holymoorside Angling Club

150+ members

“Our membership has grown by over 50% this year, after only 3 months of book sales. Maybe not all down to Clubmate, but I’m sure the majority of it is. Castbooker has definitely helped too.”

new BADAC logo

Bishop Auckland District AC

150+ members

“The best thing about Clubmate is that members & potential members can enrol themselves, plus as an admin user, I can use it on behalf of our less computer literate members.”

Durham city angling club logo club logo no ring

Durham City Angling Club

350+ members

“Our membership has grown by over 25%. So not only has Clubmate saved us hours of admin, but it’s also helped us expand our club & increase participation – which is a fantastic bonus.”

CCAC logo (2)

Chesterton Community AC

200+ members

“It’s been really easy to work with the Clubmate guys, the websites are easy to use, even for a beginner, you don’t need ANY web design knowledge. It’s pushed our club to the next level.”

SDAC sq logo (1)

Stanley & District Angling Club

100+ members

“A huge benefit is that the system is online, so we can log into Clubmate on the bankside and check members’ details or day ticket bookings on the spot – which was the icing on the cake!”

CPAA Logo transparent background

Crystal Palace AA

300+ members

“If you are the sole administrator, Clubmate will lessen your workload immensely, and maybe you too could sleep at night and go fishing! Give Clubmate a call, you will not regret it!”

Purple badger logo (1)

Purple Badger Fishing Lakes

Day Ticket Fishery

“What I love most is the fact I can see all upcoming bookings in advance via my phone and customers can check availability in advance, allowing them to book and pay before they arrive.”

Stornoway Angling Association

Stornoway AA

150+ members

“Using Clubmate has completely changed the way we operate and has made the lives of our volunteers so much easier. We’ve had great feedback from our members too, which is fantastic. “

LAA Logo

Lanhydrock AA

50+ members

“I would definitely recommend Clubmate. It takes away all the painful parts of being a Membership Secretary and gives us the power to be a modern, up-to-date fishing club.”

Brynmil & District Angling Club

250+ members

“I’ve already recommended the software to several other angling clubs because it makes running the administration side of the club so much simpler for everyone.”

Southlake Angling Society

Southlake Angling Society

200+ members

“If a member joins online, their record is created automatically and their online payment is taken when they join – we barely have to lift a finger.”

FADAS and Clubmate

Farnborough & District AS

150+ members

“We’ve saved time on paperwork and permits which means we can finally spend more time on the water and improving them for our members – who wouldn’t want that?!”


Angling Trust logo (2)

“Most people, especially the younger generation, many of whom do not own a chequebook, expect to be able to sign up online in an instant and make a payment either by card or by direct debit. We need to be able to provide them with this option to create a sustainable future for angling..”

Angling Cymru logo

“To ensure a sustainable future for angling in Wales, we need to adapt to the times. Joining a club or booking a day out fishing needs to be simple and hassle-free, and that’s exactly what Clubmate provides. We’re excited to see this partnership underway and are grateful to the Clubmate team for their generous 20% discount for member clubs”

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