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Clubmate is a fishery management system that helps boost sales, save time and reduce hassle

On average, Fisheries using Clubmate grow their ticket sales by 14%

How much is that worth to you?

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Online Day Tickets, Memberships & Permits

Make it easy for anglers to fish your venue by offering the ability to purchase day tickets, season permits and memberships online 24/7.

Automate all of those mundane tasks, keep admin & paperwork down to a minimum and free up more time for you to focus on your business.

  • Flexible online bookings to suit your facilities needs
  • Sell and manage memberships & season permits online and offline
  • Manage your diary schedules and control swim availability
  • Accept bookings, memberships & permit applications from your website, social media or Castbooker 24/7
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24/7 bookings, even when you’re closed

The automated online booking process makes it easy for customers to book and pay at their convenience, from anywhere, at any time.

Customers can view availability in real time and pay securely online via debit or credit card. Once booked, customers receive an instant confirmation message and instructions on accessing your venue.

With payment already taken care of, your customers can spend more time fishing and less time at the ATM!

  • Accept payments electronically by debit card, credit card and direct debit
  • Manage your venue, communications & swim availability all from one place
  • With 24/7 availability, there’s no need to wait by the phone for bookings
  • Upsell add-ons with tickets & memberships automatically
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Seamless in-person ticketing

Take walk-up bookings in seconds with our powerful POS.

Online bookings are not for everyone. Make sure you cater all customer needs whilst controlling both online and offline availability via the same diary.

Accept in-person payments by cash or card and keep everyone happy.

  • Manage online and offline availability from one place
  • Accept in-person payments by card, cash or cheque
  • Maximise sales opportunities from walk-in customers


Attract new anglers with a modern, mobile first website

Promote your venue online with a modern, mobile optimised website that showcases your Fishery to the max.

Make it easy for new anglers to find you online and allow them to book or join anywhere and anytime. Provide up to date catch reports, easily share your latest news and keep customers engaged so they keep coming back for more.

  • Modern, fishery focussed websites
  • Help the next generation of Angler discover your venue online
  • Easily share your latest news, updates and catch reports and keep customers engaged
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Amplify your marketing

Reach new customers, drive repeat business, and build relationships with our powerful, built-in marketing and communication tools.

If you’re low on bookings, use Clubmate to identify customers who haven’t visited for a while and entice them back with a special offer.

Be in your customers’ pockets 24/7 with the Clubmate app – designed to make rebooking with you as easy as possible, whenever they want.

  • Let customers repeat book in seconds with the Clubmate App
  • Send marketing messages on auto-pilot
  • Identify lost customers and win them back
  • Fill empty swims on quiet days with promotional offers
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Claim your free listing on Castbooker

Effortlessly boost your visibility online and meet the thousands of local anglers looking for somewhere new to fish.

Promote your venue online with Castbooker for free and make it easy for new anglers to find you online and allow them to book or join anywhere and anytime.

  • Take your place on Castbooker, our free marketing platform and be ‘bookable’ everywhere.
  • Grow a glowing online profile with verified angler reviews
  • No website no problem.

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