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Northwich Angling Association

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Saved time on admin, better insight into club data, improved member experience, New website to help promote the club.

Northwich Angling Association - Our Story

Northwich Anglers Association was established nearly 100 years ago from a group of local clubs joining together and naming it Northwich Joint Anglers. The club then changed its name to Northwich Anglers Association in the 1970s.

Throughout our history, our goal has been to provide a variety of Angling within the Vale Royal area for our members. Our waters consist of nine miles of the River Weaver, sixteen miles of the Trent and Mersey canal and approximately four miles of the River Dane. We also control many outstandingly beautiful still waters, all within the Northwich area.

Out of date systems were giving us inaccurate data.

Before using Clubmate, the committee members had to work very hard in order to run the club effectively. The volunteers are fantastic and they did everything they could to make sure things were running smoothly, but it became clear that the out-of-date systems were making it hard to know if the valuable data we needed (such as the number of memberships we were selling) was accurate.

We wanted to keep everything in one place. When we wanted to look at the membership count and sales figures, it was an ordeal trying to make sense of all the numbers and it didn’t help that we had so many different areas for different bits of information. A centralised system that all volunteers could access and enter member information into would solve that problem. It would be a bonus if that same system could generate reports on our club operations so that we didn’t have to trawl through data and extract the information ourselves when it came to presenting things back to the committee.

A tailored solution.

One of the things that drew us to Clubmate was that it was specifically for angling clubs. It offers a vast amount of solutions that go way beyond just a management system; such as the opportunity to have our own website to promote the club and new venue maps, which we took full advantage of. 

Our main concern was that our members generally were not very tech-savvy so we worried that switching to an online system might be an unwelcome change. However, after having a demo we saw how simple the system looked, so we were confident that our members would soon get used to managing their memberships online.

Clubmate as a company were great to work with from the initial enquiry to the last stages of setup. The team is very knowledgeable and always on hand to help should we need any questions answered. The level of customer service overall is exceptional.

The perfect system for managing our club.

Clubmate is very easy to access and use on a daily basis. It keeps all of our membership data in one place, and everything is stored online which saves on paper – so it’s better for the environment too!

We’re finally able to manage everything from one system and it gives everyone at the club really good visibility so that we can all see key information in a few clicks. It turns out we didn’t need to worry about whether our members would welcome the new online process – they found it much easier being able to manage their memberships from their smartphone. There are still a small minority of members that prefer to do things the traditional way, but what makes Clubmate so brilliant is that we can account for those people on the database as well. 

Another huge benefit of Clubmate is how much time it’s saved us on club admin. It’s changed the way our club works and has really lightened the load. The time we once spent on paperwork can now be spent on growing the club and actually doing some fishing.

Don't hesitate.

I would highly recommend Clubmate to any angling club – getting started with them has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. The system is fantastic, our members love it, all your admin is kept in one place and you can quickly and easily keep everything up to date. Our new website looks fantastic and it’s been a great marketing tool for us. We are gradually adding the venue maps which will improve the angler experience at our waters and means we don’t keep answering the same questions every time someone new joins. 

The committee loves it, our members love it and it’s changed the way we run our club for the better. If you’re thinking about using Clubmate to help with the running of your angling club, don’t hesitate to get started.

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If you’d like to learn more about Clubmate and how it could benefit your fishing club, please get in touch (we don’t bite!):

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Northwich Angling Association


1500+ members


River Weaver, River Trent, Mersey Canal, River Dane & more still waters in the Northwich area.


Grant Leech


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Lack of insight into member information

Needed better organisation

No centralised system for volunteers

Inaccurate club records

Spent a lot of time on admin

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