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‘Clubmate demo for Fishing Clubs’

Date TBC

Why Attend?

Run by our fishing club specialist, Kevin Hurst, this webinar will provide you with a Clubmate product demo. You’ll see Clubmate in action, helping you understand how it may fit in to your clubs operations.

If you’re curious whether Clubmate may be able to help your fishing club and would like to learn in a friendly environment, this webinar is for you.

Webinar agenda:

  • Introduction to Clubmate
  • The old way of doing things
  • Clubmate product demo
  • Costs less than half a pint of maggots


Can’t make it live? No problem! All webinars are recorded and registrants will receive a copy via email.

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Meet our presenter

Kevin Hurst

Fishing Club specialist

Presented by Kevin Hurst. Kevin is a keen small water fly fisherman with the occasional sortie out to sea for a bit of wreck fishing. As our resident fishing club specialist, Kevin helps fishing club committees understand the benefits of using a dedicated online membership system so that everyone can spend less time processing paperwork and more time on the water.