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Clubmate partner with Catch Cult

Clubmate partner with Catch Cult

At Clubmate, we are always on the lookout for new ways to promote our sport and help increase awareness of other top quality independent fishing brands in our industry.

We’ve also been looking at ways we can bring more value to our clients and your customers & members too.

We’re therefore delighted to be partnering up with our friend Martin Mumby at Catch Cult magazine, who produces an excellent bi-monthly magazine aimed at the all-round specialist angler.

Martin is very generously offering a 10% discount on a 3 month Catch Cult subscription for for all Clubmate clients and their members.

All you need to do is communicate the coupon code that was sent to you via email to your members and they will receive 10% off, simply because club uses Clubmate.

I am very grateful to my friends at Clubmate for giving me the chance to promote Catch Cult. Working together over a period of time I am convinced we can help each other and promote our wonderful sport of angling. Please give Catch Cult a fair trial and hopefully we can keep ‘Angling in Print’ in this digital age. Thanks, Martin Mumby

Here’s a bit more from about Catch Cult:

Catch Cult is looking to spread the word about ‘Angling in Print’!

The magazine has been around for around 5 years now and is a bi-monthly production aimed at the all-round specialist angler. We have published articles on char, grayling and dace, right through a mixture of fresh and sea water species up to and including goliath tiger fish, goonch, nile perch and sharks! Our motto is quite simple ‘If it’s good enough, we will print it’!

Every article is given its own design and picture quality is given attention wherever possible. This is a quality production of 92 pages in full colour with a spine. Most people say “It is more like a book”.

There is no office or staff, just me! I am anxious to spread the word and bring you quality reading material, in return I NEED YOUR SUPPORT to do this! Production costs have risen (like everything else!) but I will not be passing this on to my loyal customers.

This offer is for 3 magazine subscriptions only. The normal price is £24 but using the discount coupon in Pay Pal the price is reduced to £21. It is important to note that I have already ordered numbers from my printer and have allowed for extra stock to allow for this offer. It will be first come first served but over time it will be possible to gauge numbers accurately. PLEASE BEAR WITH ME ON THIS, I am trying as hard as I can to keep people happy and my sincere thanks in advance for your support and patience, IT IS APPRECIATED!

To buy your copy of Catch Cult magazine visit: (remember to use your coupon code!)

If you haven’t received your coupon code yet, please contact the Clubmate support team through the normal channels.

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