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Communicating with Anglers using Clubmate

In today’s digital age, email communication plays a vital role in engaging with anglers, promoting events such as matches and sharing important fishery & club updates. 

Fostering strong relationships and effective communication with anglers is paramount to ensuring a thriving sense of community. However, managing group communication efficiently and maintaining high levels of engagement can be a challenging task. That’s where Clubmate comes in, providing an innovative solution to streamline communication and enhance engagement. 

In this blog post, we will explore how angling clubs and fishery managers can leverage fishing club & fishery management tools such as Clubmate to send out group communications and improve engagement with anglers.

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Centralised Communication Hub

Clubmate serves as a centralised communication hub, allowing fishing clubs and fisheries to easily and quickly send out information to their anglers. You can send out timely updates, such as event announcements, rule changes, or general news, ensuring that all anglers are well-informed and engaged, rather than hoping it’s seen by just the anglers using social media regularly. This also allows fisheries to communicate with anglers who’ve booked to fish really easily, as well as ongoing members too.

The convenience of having a single platform for communication eliminates the risk of messages and comments being lost or potentially overlooked, promoting efficient and effective group communication. Clubmate allows for multiple additional admin users to be added. All admin users can log in to the same place to view previous messages, send out new ones and respond to any replies, meaning you can effectively spread the workload.

As well email, anglers who have downloaded the Clubmate app can also receive messages via push notifications and you can send a text too (although there’s an extra fee for each message sent). If you’re a fishery that might need to cancel boat fishing bookings and recall anglers due to last minute weather changes this could prove invaluable.

Recipient segmentation

With Clubmate, clubs and fisheries can segment their anglers based on specific criteria, such as membership type, status (prospect, active member, expired member etc.), via custom grouping and more. 

This segmentation allows them to tailor their communications and send targeted messages to specific groups of anglers. By personalising the information shared, clubs can improve engagement by ensuring that members receive content that is relevant and meaningful to their interests and needs. 

Fisheries can message prospective members easily, notifying them when they’ve reached the top of the waiting list or contact existing customers to let them know of any last minute availability changes, all of which helps generate additional revenue.

Event Management Made Easy

Organising and communicating fishing events and matches can be a headache for fishery managers and club volunteers. 

Clubmate simplifies the event management process, enabling clubs to create and promote bookable events seamlessly. Anglers can receive event invitations, book and purchase match or event tickets directly through the platform. 

Emails confirming a booking are sent automatically and can be tailored to include relevant information. Clubmate saves time and effort for both administrators and anglers, resulting in increased participation and engagement at events. 

You can also automate emails after an event has been attended, for example a reminder request for catch return information after day ticket fishing. Clubmate clients Bristol Water Fisheries use this function effectively to remind anglers to fill in their catch return form.

Real-Time Notifications and Reminders

Prompt and timely communication is crucial in running a successful club or fishery. Clubmate ensures that anglers stay informed with real-time notifications and automated reminders, such as reminders to renew, or automated booking confirmation emails. Whether it’s a last-minute event update or an important announcement, anglers can receive instant notifications on their preferred devices, ensuring that they never miss out on critical information. This proactive approach keeps anglers engaged and prepared for their fishing endeavours.

Remember to follow best practices to build a strong reputation and ensure your emails reach the intended recipients consistently.

Monitor Email Open Rates

Regularly monitor email engagement metrics, such as open rates using Clubmate’s Bulk Email report. This data provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your emails. You can check whether a recipient has received an email, when they opened it and even whether they’ve clicked on any links.

By identifying areas for improvement, you can refine your communications, enhance engagement, and consequently improve your email deliverability.

Our tips on improving email deliverability

Personalise Your Emails

Personalised emails are more likely to capture the attention of recipients and avoid being marked as spam. With Clubmate, you can use dynamic fields to insert personal details, such as the recipient’s name into your email content. This personal touch not only improves engagement but also helps establish a stronger connection with your members.

Avoid Spam Triggers

Using capitals and multiple exclamation marks for example will be a flag for spam filters, along with words and phrases such as – ‘buy’, ‘buy direct’, ‘order’, you can find the most commonly flagged words easily through a quick google search on the topic. There are also free tools such as amongst others available online.


Clubmate offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines communication. By leveraging these features, fishing clubs and fisheries can enhance angler engagement, foster a sense of community, and ensure that their anglers are well-informed and enthusiastic about their fishing experiences. Embracing Clubmate can take the communication and engagement of fishing clubs to new heights, making the angling community stronger than ever before. 

Start utilising Clubmate today to improve your communication outcomes for your fishing club or fishery. For more information on this and other features get in touch.

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