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Owain Rees

In today’s digital age, email communication plays a vital role in engaging with anglers, promoting events such as matches and sharing important fishery & club updates.  Fostering strong relationships and effective communication with anglers is paramount to ensuring a thriving sense of community. However, managing group communication efficiently and maintaining high levels of engagement can[…]

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Exchange tickets can be great for members wanting access to more fishing venues without the additional cost, providing a real added bonus to membership while helping build stronger relationships between clubs. Exchange tickets can also be a burden added to a committee’s ongoing list of duties, providing logistical challenges and more work for club volunteers.[…]

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Fishing club management software

Personalise your Clubmate member app and provide speedy, secure access to venue maps, restrict visibility to gate codes, help promote local tackle shops and so much more. When your members log in to their Clubmate profile, they’re shown a series of tiles that offer different functionality when clicked, such as booking a day ticket, renewing[…]

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