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Meet Clubmate’s New Client Support Administrator!

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Client Support Administrator, Lorraine!

She’ll be responsible for supporting the operations behind the scenes at Clubmate, including managing and processing ID card orders; making sure they’re received on time and assisting with general ID card enquiries, plus helping with onboarding, research and data gathering and more.

Lorraine holds up a starfish caught at her local rock pool.

Get to Know Lorraine

Lorraine fished with her Dad as a child on their summer holidays from rocks, piers or the beach; mostly for mackerel. “Most of my bites were from the midges – but that’s holidaying in Scotland for you! Our family holidays were always somewhere Dad could cast a line and we even ventured out on a converted lifeboat from Portpratrick on many occasions. We’d catch mackerel, codling, spur dog (also known as rock salmon) and I even pulled a three-bearded rockling all by age 12.”

Lorraine has a wealth of experience in the banking and finance administration sector, most recently for the holiday park leisure sector as an admin manager. “I’d mainly be dealing with money and managing the caravans, helping owners and guests on their holiday break and sometimes serving in the bar or making beds – whatever was necessary to make sure our guests had a fantastic stay. Now that my family is independent, I’m able to take more time for myself and enjoy my hobbies.”

She enjoys art and crochet, “Another kind of hook that also involves a lot of patience!” says Lorraine. “We also go on ‘Dippy Adventures’ in our 1984 VW T25, often driving to lochs and rivers where I can crochet or draw while Liam [Anton, Treasurer for Greenock & District Angling Club in Scotland] brings home his catch of the day.” Lorraine finds outdoor life very relaxing and helpful in unwinding from life’s stresses. “Now that I’m working part-time here at Clubmate, my work-life balance is great and stress is reduced to nil.”

“Working with the Clubmate Team is another adventure for me and although I have some fishing knowledge, it’s growing more by the day… dare I say I’ll be eying up rods and waders when the next catalogue lands on the mat for Liam – then I’ll be ready for more than the Starfish in our local rock spot!”

Over the years, Lorraine has been involved with many different clubs and committees ranging from toddlers and playgroups to cubs and community councils, so she can empathise with the frustrations involved from a management side, but also sees the joy and benefits they bring to the local community. “I think it’s important to focus on the positives instead of the negatives, especially in a volunteering role. The issues and challenges always seem to have the most importance placed on them, but the reality is that without volunteers, there will be no positives for anyone at all,” Lorraine shares. 

When we asked Lorraine to give us an interesting fact about herself, she shared the story of when she proposed to her husband. “I proposed to Liam, a keen brown trout fisherman, with a box of fishing flies. I’m not one for tradition, so I asked him to marry me on Valentine’s Day (not even on a leap year) and he couldn’t resist a new box of flies. Fast forward to now, we’ve been happily married since August 2023. We’re blessed with a super family between us, not forgetting our ‘beast’ cat called Pepper and our elderly rescue Spanish Podenco Maneto called Radar.”

“One beautiful thought I’d like to leave you with,” says Lorraine, “Liam bought my son, at the time in his early twenties, a fly rod for Christmas. My son’s response was, ‘My dad would’ve given me a rod, but you taught me to fish!’ That was the biggest gift of all that Christmas.”

We’re thrilled to have you on board, Lorraine! 

Lorraine is a well-organised and passionate individual, and she’s already proving to be a fantastic addition to the Clubmate Team. You can speak to Lorraine by emailing her at

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