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Taylor Clarke

Angler goes fishing safely in the knowledge that their club’s finances are in order thanks to Clubmate.

Running a successful fishing club requires effective organisation and clear communication. However, one crucial aspect often gets overlooked: financial transparency.  In this post, we’ll explore why financial transparency is crucial for fishing clubs and how committees foster a culture in which finances are accurate, clear and accountable. Why Do Fishing Clubs Need Financial Transparency? Financial[…]

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Pike angler displays a large pike caught on waters protected by the pike anglers club of Great Britain

Clubmate is excited to be working with The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain; helping them regain control of their club admin and giving them more time to focus on growing their initiative. About The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain The PAC was established almost fifty years ago for anglers who want to stop[…]

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Angler competes in a match at a fishing lake.

Angling clubs provide a unique opportunity for anglers to engage, share experiences, encourage a sense of community and develop a new generation of passionate anglers. However, like any organisation, clubs need to consider the future and ensure a smooth transition to the next generation when the time comes. This process is known as succession planning.[…]

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Fishing boats lined up on the dock ready to be booked by anglers using Clubmate.

Running a successful fishery involves more than just managing the waters; it also means efficiently handling bookings, ensuring anglers have a seamless experience, and maximising revenue. That’s where Clubmate comes in. Our comprehensive fishery management software provides advanced booking functionality that simplifies the process of managing boat bookings across multiple venues. What’s more, there are[…]

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We’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Clubmate Team, Ian! Ian joined the team at the beginning of the year and he’s hit the ground running as our newest Account Executive. He’s been hard at it speaking to fishing clubs, fisheries and syndicates about what Clubmate can do for them. Get[…]

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There are many reasons why tracking attendance at your fishery is a good idea, from health and safety reasons to better understanding your anglers’ fishing habits. However, many fisheries struggle with having an efficient means of logging attendance and putting that information to use. Writing names down in a diary or entering them into a[…]

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